Freddzlebub (Fred Figglehorn) is a goat-headed angel and Glucifer's archenemy.


As an angel, Freddzlebub was pure and beautiful with three pair of large wings, long horns, golden halo, and aura of light.

As a Goattet, he appears as a large, hideous demon with a goat head having pair of very large, ram-like horns. His body was half-skeletal with large, withered wings, multiple snakes for legs, and a mouth on his stomach.

As a human, he appears as an obnoxious human with brown hair and eyes.


In 2006, he left Falavar and head to planet Earth taking form of a human with annoying high-pitched voice. His only goal is how to make every people worship him is using the comedy capabilities, so he create lots of worst videos. When he first publish his video to test the person, the person dislike it. Freddzlebub/Fred has a very dark idea, so he uses his will to mind-control the person's mind. Then he even mind-control the whole none-Christians of his will worshipping him like a god. In 2008, he got more than 100,000 people worshiping him and everyone are too stupid to know that Fred is the devil in disguise while their mind's got controlled by his will. Luckly, the great Glucifer head to Earht and turns into his human form and start talking about hating Fred to everyone who haven't watch Fred's show yet.


Fredcifer as a obnoxious human named Fred.

On 2010, he gotten even more popular and worshipped by millions and millions of people. But his whole three movies has extremely negetive reviews in the reception like they had 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. At the end of 2012, the mighty Glucifer while he's as a human battles against his archenemy. Glucifer deliver a fatal blow to Freddzlebub's stomach, killing him. Afterwards, Freddzlebub was transported to Falavar.