Glucifer is a boar-demon lord and the king of all AntiFreds.


As an angel, Glucifer is perfect in beauty with a halo from the back of his head and twelve wings on his back. He glows with a heavenly light.

As a Hogmon, Glucifer appears as a monstrous, devilish-looking boar-like demon much larger than the elephant. His wings were missing. He has four large, bull-like horns and long tusks. His mouth was filled with canine fangs, his fingers got talons, and glowing evil red eyes. He has a large stomach with seven mouths: six that speak in foul languages, and when the time's right, the seventh at the center of his stomach shall sing the song that will end the world. His entire body covered with black-colored markings and has a Glucism symbol on his forehead.


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