The book contains lots of pig/boar demons known as "Hogmons".


HOGMONS: Regular Hogmons. Male Hogmons has tusks and female Hogmons has longer hair.

FLOGS: Winged Hogmons.

BORGS: Four-legged Hogmons.

FWINES: Hogmons with faces on stomachs.

TENSKS: Tentacled Hogmons.

IMPLETS: Dwarf Hogmons.



Abil is a tall lean male Flog with red colored skin, black hair, yellow eyes and large wings that spew flames. He has spikes on his ankles, arms and legs, pointed ears, and a permanent sadistic smile.


Agira is a male Flog with his body large and flat which formed into wings. He had a long sauropod like neck and tail. He also has a large mane going down his neck and small white eyes. At the end of his tail was a large tuft of hair.


Agwel is a small, male slime-like Implet who's only recognizable feature was a head with deeply sunken eyes. A mouth full of long razor sharp teeth and a pair of antenna. His skin is usually gray.


Aleda is a female Fwine with a large demonic face, her breasts transform into eyes, underneath was a large nose and a long mouth going down to her crotch. She has long, talon-like fingers.


Anguila is a male short black Implet with long streched limbs, messy hair, and multiple eyes. He has long hair along his arms and a sharp layer of teeth.


Aponijittise is a male Tensk was quite short appearing to be a large slime like lump demon similar to Agwel with a black pattern across his body and two tiny eyes. He has two large antena that also act as his main weapons that are incredibly quick, agile and deadly.


Ariera is a male Hogmon with short teeth and large eyes with a smaller pair behind his ears. he had several tendrils in place of hair on top of his head.


Arubirou is a female Hogmon apparently covered in a thin layer of slime.



Balass is a large male Hogmon covered from head to toe in scales. He had small eyes and webbed hands and toes. His head, arms, back legs and sholders were lined with sharp rigged fins.


Bassom is a male Flog with round out put eyes on his head and a large comical grin. He had human looking legs and large wings inplace of arms and a set of gills underneath them.