Full of list of episodes of the:



  1. All Fred Haters Unite!
  2. How to get Fred Unsubscribed
  3. Flag All Fred-Fans' Comments as a Spam
  4. Create Anti-Fred Humour Comics and Pictures
  5. The Dark Truth Behind Fred Figglehorn

Season 1Edit

  1. Fred Has a Bad Day
  2. Fred Loses His Mind
  3. Fred Gets Buttraped
  4. Fred Gets Drunk
  5. Fred Goes to the Rapist
  6. Say No to Fred
  7. Fred Stalks Men
  8. Fred on Rape Day
  9. Fred Goes To Jail
  10. Fred Meets Freddy Kruger
  11. Fred's PINGAS is Missing
  12. Father of Fred

Season 2Edit

  1. Fred Has a Dark Secret
  2. Fred Goes Insane
  3. Fred Announces the AntiChrist Speech
  4. Fred's Father Returns
  5. Fred Has His Own Dirty Mind
  6. Fred Sneaks and Rapes Judy
  7. Fred Tries to Kill Kevin
  8. Fred Smokes Weeds
  9. Fred Runs for the Gay Pride Community!
  10. Fred Faces the Punishment
  11. Fred on Killing Day
  12. Fred on Satanism Day

Season 3Edit

  1. Fred Destroys the Neighborhood
  2. Fred Cooking Humans
  3. Fred on Dealing Drug Day
  4. Fred Goes to Jail... Again!
  5. Fred Throws the Adult Party
  6. Fred Gets a Disease at the Forest
  7. Fred Gets a Dirty Job
  8. Fred Sees a Rapist
  9. Fred Goes on a Date With Kevin
  10. Fred Has a Demonic Nature
  11. Fred Goes Berserk
  12. Fred Gives Weeds
  13. Fred Eats Poop
  14. Fred Has a Gambling Day
  15. Fred Goes to the Asylum
  16. Fred Gets Bad Letters From the Anti-Freds

Season 4Edit

  1. Fred Stays in the Tornment Room
  2. Fred Gets a Bad Report at Ganon's Pub
  3. Fred is Stupid to Mr. Hollywood and Robotnik
  4. Fred Goes Thieving
  5. Fred Killing Innocents! With Jason!
  6. Fred Works at PlayBoy!
  7. Fred Worships Satan!
  8. Fred Goes to the Dirty Movies!
  9. Everybody Hates Fred
  10. Chucky Interviews Fred Figglehorn
  11. Fred Babysits "The Thing"
  12. Fred Keeps Failing Robotnik

Season 5Edit

  1. Fred Works Out and Fails
  2. Fred Gets Kidnapped by Ganon
  3. Fred is Left Alone With Ganon
  4. Fred Gets Tornmented
  5. Fred Goes to Hell
  6. Revenge of the Anti-Freds
  7. Fred Must Die
  8. Fred Sells A Condom!
  9. Fred's First High
  10. Fred turns out to be "The Thing" part 1
  11. Fred turns out to be "The Thing" part 2